August 29, 2011

Unknown 3: Musikantenstadl ? Karl Moik 1990

Volksmusik show (unknown)
-Year: ~1990
-Year in film: 1990   
-Country: Austria (+ Switzerland)
-Who in clothing: boys ~11 ys, Lederhosen
-Who in clothing 2: girls Dirndl
-Available on DVD: no ?
-I own: yes, partly TV recording
-Clothing occurence: often
-Rating:  10/10 
-Rating: **********
-Comment: Boys from Kufstein, Austria in brown buckskin Tracht Lederhosen (pictured), girls in Dirndl, also other boys and girls from Schwyz (Central Suisse), Appenzell and other regions. 
I have some parts on VHS but not sure about the title of this show. Hosted by Karl Moik (not pictured but sure), co-hosted by another man. Aired on 3sat and recorded in 1990 but not sure exactly. The boys pictured also loosen the circle and dances Schuhplattler (and jumping). Good catchy accordion music (it's called Auerhahn Plattler). Later also 2 French speaking girls were interviewed and kids from Switzerland cracking a whip (Peitsche Schnalzen) jumping over a broom and other alpine traditions during music. I have to check and investigate this again and perhaps uploading a video. If someone knows this show please comment. This is my first junior Schuhplattler recording and I still like it. Though quite bad tape quality.

Update: Today I found the name of this club: D'Koasara. 
Perhaps this was a special show about a junior competition (Folklorefestival was mentioned) I like this dance. Funny also Dirndldrahn (turning the girls). Not sure if this is a Holzhacker Schuhplattler. Most funny is a Watchnplattler with hitting in the face (but not shown here).
I wonder if all kids like wearing Lederhosen and continue as teens and grown ups.

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