January 12, 2012


Family film
-Year: 1983
-Year in film: 1942-1945      
-Country: East Germany
-Who in clothing: Pianke 10 ys ?, Lederhosen
-Who in clothing 2: others in shorts or Lederhosen
-Available on DVD: no *
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: medium ?   
-Rating:  7/10 *          
-Rating: *******
-Comment: A young boy (probably the main character 10 yo Pianke (pictured), I don't know the name of the actor, I think 9 yo Andreas Groß) and maybe some more in dark brown Lederhosen or shorts. Looks like nappa leather, 2 zippers.

I don't know/don't remember this complete movie yet but looks very interesting setting in Germany during WWII and is about a German and a Jewish family or girl. Novel by Peter Abraham, published in 1981. Movie also contains skinny dipping scenes in the sea/ on a ship.

I haven't found any offival DVD/VHS releases. There is a VHS and maybe a DVD+R probably for usage at schools only. Jugendvideopreis 1994.

I will check this again soon. Rating 7 for now.

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